Shock-Proof Surface Analysis Tool

| Environmental Testing

Tougher analyser expands surface analysis capabilities to harsher environments

The GelSight Mobile can perform surface analysis in the field with greater shock protection

The Shock Protected version delivers the same high resolution 3D surface capabilities as the previous version, enabling engineers, production line workers and field teams to have a metrology instrument that they can operate in harsh environments.

The design includes a toughened Casing and a slip resistant grip. It has a touch sensor with micron-level resolution that provides metrologists and inspectors with data-driven insights on surface characteristics that allow them to make more informed decisions. The instant, high resolution and high precision 3D measurements provide the basis of the surface analysis regardless of the environment in which it’s used.

“With the introduction of GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition, our customers now have a tool that combines robust, micron-scale repeatable 2D and 3D surface analysis capabilities at their fingertips,” says Dennis Lang, Chief Business Officer at GelSight.

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