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Frequency range extended for the Field Master MS2080A

The Field Master MS2080A multi-functional spectrum analyser from Anritsu combines nine instruments into a single system

With extended frequency coverage up to 6GHz, the MS2080A addresses growing congestion in the 6 GHz spectrum caused by rapid growth in satellite services; cellular, commercial and LMR networks; radio location services; and industrial scientific and medical networks. The compact and portable spectrum analyser provides insights into interference and intermodulation that degrade network performance through its performance and features, bringing distinct benefits to base station installation and maintenance (I&M) applications.

At 6 GHz, the MS2080A features fast sweep speed of 45 GHz/s for greater insight over wider spans. It also has advanced user features, such as AM/FM audio demodulation, and high RF performance, including +/- 1 dB amplitude accuracy. Additionally, it supports a cable and antenna analyser, power meter and 5G/LTE analysis to make it an ideal general-purpose instrument that addresses measurement requirements for legacy and emerging wireless networks.

There is also an AM/FM modulation quality measurement option for all instruments in the Field Master family. The option enables full characterisation of broadcast transmitters, as required by national regulators and transmitter owners. It provides a single screen display of RF spectrum, audio spectrum, and audio oscilloscope, alongside modulation quality and distortion values.

An optional real time spectrum analyser (RTSA) provides 2 µs probability of intercept (POI). The RTSA has up to 40 MHz analysis bandwidth and DANL of <-150 dBm, making it well-suited for capturing intermittent and digitally modulated signals that can be hard to identify. Spectrograms allow irregular and drifting signals to be captured, recorded, and displayed.

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