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iPRESS makes checking tyre pressures on aircraft an easy task

Parker has received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for iPRESS, a long-range wireless tyre pressure gauge for aviation

The gauge provides a good user experience while verifying inflation pressure using Parker Meggitt’s Wireless Tyre Pressure Sensor (WTPS) and a new tyre pressure status feature that is integrated into an app for smartphones and tablets.

The advanced long-range wireless sensing technology allows users to stand in front of the aircraft, open the dedicated app on a smartphone or tablet, and instantly read the tyre pressure of each wheel. The sensor provides an accurate pressure reading every time, wherever and whenever needed.

Paul Devaux, general manager of the Motion Power & Sensing Division says, “Working with aircraft manufacturers, we’ve developed a wireless system specifically to meet our customers’ needs, helping them to increase efficiency and safety.”

iPRESS is an easy retrofit device using a smartphone or tablet, with no dedicated reader required. Installation, maintenance, and smartphone/tablet configuration are also simple.

Tyre pressure monitoring is an essential part of aircraft maintenance, helping to prevent failures caused by improper tyre inflation. Using a wireless system can help to extend tyre life, reduce human error, lower maintenance costs and increase flight safety.

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