Untethered Test Flight for eVTOL Aircraft

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The electric propulsion unit helped the VX4 prototype eVTOL aircraft maintain thrustborne flight

Advanced electric propulsion unit (EPU) has been used in Vertical Aerospace’s prototype eVTOL aircraft in its successful first untethered flight test.

The project is the first time Equipmake’s electrification products have been applied to the rapidly growing eVTOL market.

Vertical Aerospace reported the completion of its first-ever full-scale untethered eVTOL flights in the UK with its VX4 prototype, which features a bespoke EPU from Equipmake. This EPU combines a lightweight, power dense electric motor with a high-performance inverter, which was designed, developed and manufactured in Snetterton.

The significant milestone of achieving first thrustborne flight – meaning the prototype eVTOL aircraft has been successfully held up by the thrust of its vertical propulsion system – allows Vertical Aerospace to continue in its objective to certify the VX4 by the end of 2026.

The aircraft is being designed to carry a pilot and four passengers and is expected to have a range of up to 100 miles with the ability to cruise at speeds of around 150 miles per hour.

According to Jenny Harcourt, Director of Procurement & Supply Chain at Vertical Aerospace, this first untethered flight of the VX4 marks a significant milestone for the company.

“I’m delighted we have the support and expertise of Equipmake, who have provided us with an advanced, lightweight, electrical propulsion unit which has played an absolutely critical role in this achievement,” she says.

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