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Engineering apprenticeships are seeing growth in the UK

DfE Analysis on apprenticeship data shows increases in the engineering sector, according to EngineeringUK

According to analysis of apprenticeship data released by the Department for Education (DfE) performed by EngineeringUK, new starts in engineering apprenticeship have increased at a greater rate than all sector subject areas, going up by 25.8% on 2020/21, compared to an 8.6% increase across all sector subject areas. However, they are still down by 5.5% since 2018/19, and down by 12.3% since 2016/17.

According to Beatrice Barleon, Head of Policy & Public Affairs at EngineeringUK, the data shows a step in the right direction with a positive uptick in apprenticeship starts as we emerge from the pandemic. Given the acute skills shortage and the pressing need for more engineers to support the UK’s net zero ambitions, it’s particularly encouraging to see the engineering and technology sector is ahead of others in attracting people into its fold.

“However, to meet future skills needs projections, we need to see exponential growth of apprenticeships, particularly in areas such as construction. Technicians will be particularly vital in making the UK a leading economic power in low carbon technology and we must ensure that we have enough people skilled to fulfil these roles,” she says.

Barleon went on to say that the data also suggests that more needs to be done to enable younger people to enter the engineering sector via the apprenticeship route, with Level 2 and 3 apprenticeships still in decline compared to higher level apprenticeships.

“Improving the system must focus on growth across all levels of apprenticeships if we are to successfully address current and future skills shortages,” she says.

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