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Pickering Interfaces joins OpenTAP open source, test automation software partnership program

Modular signal switching and simulation system supplier for electronic test and verification, Pickering Interfaces, has joined other test engineering companies in the open source, shared software workshop that enables users to contribute, collaborate and create automated test products.

OpenTAP focuses on simplicity, scalability and speed using test automation for improved efficiency. The goal of OpenTAP is to make test automation easier and accessible for all, and it encourages shared experimentation and innovation, aiming to inspire and teach partners better ways to automate.

Noman Hussain of Pickering Interfaces says the company has over 2,000 modular switching and simulation products. Open source systems deliver a similar approach for test software, enabling test engineers to create, modify and customise their test applications without paying thousands in licensing fees and getting boxed into proprietary systems.

The Pickering card plugin for OpenTAP supports Pickering’s entire product portfolio through a single interface. The plugin is supplied with open source software, distributed under the MIT open source licence.

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