Improved THT Inspection Accuracy

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The VeriSpector THT AOI System offers improves inspection of manual PCB assembly processes

The Mek VeriSpector Inline is a Through-Hole-Technology (THT) Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system.

It has been designed for inspecting THT components before they enter wave or selective soldering machines to enhance inspection efficiency and accuracy in through-hole assembly processes.

The VeriSpector provides fast inspection times, allowing real-time assembly and placement inspection to prevent defects from entering the soldering process. By providing instant feedback, the system minimises the risk of faults in manual assembly, boosting the effectiveness and quality of manual and semi-automatic manufacturing processes.

The system’s inline configuration optimises investment costs by minimising the need for separate inspections at each manual assembly station.

The system uses standard 22X Software, a proven inspection system widely used in the PCB assembly industry and is easy to program while maintaining the power and speed of the inspection algorithms.

The standard 24MP camera and high-definition lens captures fine details delivered with crisp and clear resolution. Upgrades to 42MP or 60MP cameras are available based on specific application requirements.

Mek VeriSpector Inline offers seamless connectivity and traceability. It is compatible with the comprehensive Mek Catch System, enabling features like data collection, post defects classification, post reworking, data reporting and data analysing.

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