ScopeCorder gains new features

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ScopeCorder instrument gains improved data acquisition

The Yokogawa ScopeCorder now offers flash acquisition as well as new real time computing functions

The additional features improve the ScopeCorder DL950’s data acquisition capabilities. Using the new Flash Acquisition function, data can be captured over a long time with a high-speed sample rate of 20 MS/s (8CH) and 10 MS/s (16CH), which is 100 times faster than the previous model.

This optional Flash memory feature makes the DL950 ideal for capturing data at high sample rates anywhere a PC would not be suitable, such as in a vehicle or at a remote site.

Applications for this new acquisition feature could include recording control signals and temperature trends or vibrations simultaneously in small spaces, such as inside a car or a train. The flash memory is non-volatile, so the captured data stays stored within the instrument even after turning off the power.

The other major addition to the DL950 is a new firmware version. This adds new features that allow GPS data to be acquired, including time, latitude and longitude, altitude, velocity and direction.

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