EMI Filter Connector Inserts

| Environmental Testing

Connector inserts provide EMC filtering and environmental sealing

EESeal+ EMI filters inserts are available from Powell Electronics for providing EMC protection to connectors

Quell EESeal+ EMI filter inserts provide improved attenuation and frequency mitigation. The inserts are easily and quickly inserted into standard connectors in seconds without the need for any special tooling or soldering, forming an effective EMI filter and maintaining the environmental seal.

The products benefit from Quell’s patented EESeal+ technology which uses EMC filter components embedded into a silicone rubber insert that matches the size, shape and pin configuration of the connector to be filtered. Transient suppressors can also be included. Users can specify which filter elements are required for each pin, allowing for the creation of a completely custom filter insert with widely varying capacitor values, shorts and opens as desired.

The EESeal+ technology benefits from lower contact resistance and lower inductance than standard EESeals due to the improved ground plane. Peak attenuation is around 45-50dB and frequency mitigation can be as high as 100GHz. In addition to EMI filters, the EESeal+ filters make it easy to ground pins to the shell such as the coaxial shields in Combo D-Sub connectors as well as ARINC and coaxial circular connections.

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