Current Calibration System Eliminates EMF

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Current calibration system eliminates thermal EMF effects in electric vehicles

A current calibration system designed by Guildline Instruments has eliminated thermal EMF effects

The 6622A DCC bridge uses a process of automatic current reversal. The unique architecture of the bridge and its control algorithm further removes gain and offset errors in the Nano-voltmeter balance detector and the precision toroid. The end results are shown by long term accuracy and linearity without the need for routine, frequent verification tests or calibrations.

Incorporating a unique self calibration function for the embedded null detector which is performed as part of each measurement, it also, via the standard interchange technique, automatically performs a self-calibration of the measurement ratios to < 0.02 x 10-6.

With an operating range up to 10,000A and its modular design, the 6622A can be found in many calibration laboratories, nuclear test labs and electric vehicle powertrain development workshops.

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