High Accuracy Current Measurement for DC Meters

| Information and Communication Technology

DC Meter current measuring system can be used at up to 2000Arms

System provides calibration and certification standard measurements for use with EV Charging stations and micro grids

Danisense and ZES Zimmer have developed a highly accurate, stable DC meter test system comprising the Danisense DS600 current sense transducer and the LMG600 power analyser from ZES Zimmer.

The power analysers provide accurate DC measurement across a current input range of 500μA – 32A rms but EV charging stations supplying hundreds of kilowatts and other applications such as DC micro grids require currents in the hundreds of amps. However, the current transducers enable the system to measure up to 2000A rms (3000A peak or DC) and even higher.

DC meter accuracy is especially important, since customers will be charged on how much they use, and stability over temperature and other environmental factors is also important.

By integrating the DS600 into the DC metering system, the two companies have created a product that makes it simple for organisations to set up their test programs without requiring any other equipment. The accuracy is such that the equipment can be used for calibration and in critical billing applications.

The system is already being used by German standards organization, VDE, to calibrate and certify DC meters used in EV charging stations which are proliferating as consumers switch to electric cars.

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