Electric Air Taxi Takes Piloted Test Flight

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The Joby electric air taxi has been taking part in piloted test flights in Marina, CA

Joby Aviation has taken the next step in its test flight programme with piloted flights of its electric air taxi.

The initial series of tests included free thrustborne hovers and forward transitions to semi-thrustborne flight. So far, the majority of Joby’s flight testing has been piloted remotely from a ground control station (GCS), using communications technology and software. This has allowed the company to generate a vast amount of data on the performance of the aircraft across a broad range of flight conditions.

The pilot on board campaign was designed to gather data on the aircraft’s handling qualities and pilot control interfaces, supporting the development of the aircraft and laying the groundwork for future testing for FAA certification.

During the flights, the pilots assessed the ease of conducting a number of tasks and maneouvres that will be required during normal operations, including vertical takeoffs, accelerating and transitioning to forward flight, runway centerline tracking, and decelerating to a vertical landing.

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