Telematics guides agricultural robot

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Advanced telematics and automation guide Yanmar’s crop spraying robot

Quake Global will provide telematics hardware for an autonomous spraying robot for the agricultural market

Telematics hardware and software provider, Quake Global will provide Yanmar Holdings with telematics hardware to meet the needs of its YV01 agricultural spraying robot.

The robot will be used in the world of wine production and will use a Quake programmable hardware modem customised to the spraying robot’s application. The modem synchronises the route map and real-time information about its location to ensure that the spraying process is carried out efficiently and effectively.

Telematics allows for the remote monitoring of equipment to determine critical CANBUS data alerts and performance for product improvements. This technology can be used to ensure proper maintenance and parts usage, in addition to real-time operation hours. By monitoring these parameters, telematics systems can help to improve the performance of vehicles and equipment and to reduce the risk of accidents.

The programmable hardware modem can be used in a wide range of telematics needs and can be installed on a wide variety of equipment and machinery in order to enable them to be located, tracked, managed and monitored from a remote location.

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