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Machine monitoring sensor gains certification for use in hazardous environments

Machine monitoring transmitters achieve additional certification for intrinsically safe use in hazardous areas.

Machine protection and condition monitoring specialists Sensonics has added IECEx and UKEx intrinsically safe certification, alongside ATEX certification, for their range of Senturion X DNX803 series transmitters. These upgraded shaft vibration and axial position transmitters are approved for installation and use in hazardous areas with potentially explosive atmospheres (gases) or dusts.

The DNX8031 (shaft vibration) and DNX8033 (shaft position) proximity probe transmitters are suitable for above ground applications when used in conjunction with Sensonics intrinsically safe range of XPR eddy current type proximity probes and XEC cables.

These 4-20mA loop powered modules provide easy integration with either the local machine PLC or a plant wide DCS since it’s powered through the safety barrier measurement loop. All signal processing is carried out within the unit providing an output current proportional to either peak-to-peak shaft vibration or relative position to the probe face. The module permits the adjustment of both gain and offset for ease of calibration to suit the application.

Smaller pumps, centrifugal air compressors, motors and fans will particularly benefit from the upgraded DNX803 series. When combined with Sensonics range of compact machine mounted housings, the upgraded transmitters provide a very cost-effective approach for critical operational measurements, with the benefits of a straightforward interface that requires no local power supply.

The transmitter offers selectable system lengths of 5m, 7m or 9m, with a front panel green LED for indicating the selected option. A gap voltage monitoring socket is also provided. The cable system incorporates snap lock connectors which require no torqueing and are shake-proof, which is important for heavy industrial applications.

The double screened cable offers robustness combined with high immunity to interference while the option of stainless steel convoluted armour is available for applications and environments where cable protection is paramount.

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