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Spectrum Plastics Class 8 cleanroom space was expands to a total of 929 square metres

Spectrum Plastics completes a renovation and cleanroom expansion at its Minneapolis facility

The company has invested in additional state-of-the-art cleanroom capabilities to support current and future opportunities in line with growth in implantable products and critical to function medical component markets. The increasing quality expectations in the manufacture and assembly of complex products and components make controlled environments a requirement. Beyond implantables, there is a continued need for particulate-free products made from specialised materials for the medical device, life sciences and aerospace industries.

The Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing space was expanded to a total of 929 square metres to accommodate increased customer demands. The cleanroom is designed to manage the special challenges of cleanroom moulding and workflow, for example the drying of materials occurs outside the cleanroom and can only enter the cleanroom at the press. Special processes such as high-purity nitrogen and oil-free compressed air can be used to reduce the risk of contamination. Real-time data capture, process quality monitoring, and in-cavity pressure monitoring are all part of the ultra-modern digital technology framework in the cleanroom.

According to Paul Schmeling, Spectrum’s Senior Vice President of Speciality Moulding, the expanded capabilities of the new facility allow the company to remain a major supplier of precise, tight-tolerance injection mouldings and assemblies.

“As customers bring us smaller and more innovative products to manufacture that require more engineered resins and specialised processes, we are now better equipped to solve their design challenges,” he says.

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