Sub-Micrometer Confocal Measurement

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Confocal measurement system with integrated industrial ethernet controller

High performance lightweight confocal sensor with factory calibration

Micro-Epsilon has introduced a confocal measuring system that consists of an extremely compact lightweight controller and a high performance confocal sensor, which are factory-calibrated and delivered as a complete measuring system. The newly developed IFS2404 confocal sensor is bundled with the controller and is available with measuring ranges of 1,2,3 and 6 mm.

One of the key advantages of confocal technology is its ability to measure on any surface including highly polished and even transparent materials. An adjustable measuring rate of up to 8 kHz and sub-micrometer resolution down to 12 nm make the IFD2411 suitable for a wide range of measurement tasks. The Active Exposure Regulation of the CCD line enables high speed measurements on difficult changing surfaces.

Typical applications include semiconductor wafer positioning, displacement and distance measurements in 3D printing machines, testing of electronic components (pins) and paint thickness of printed circuit boards.

The confocal controller has an integrated Industrial Ethernet interface (EtherCAT), which simplifies integration with PLCs. This enables real time measurement data without time delays and reduced installation effort.

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