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Smart profile sensors are designed for use in inspection and measurements for manufacturing

Profile sensors designed as 2D multi-tool measuring device for implementing inline quality control

The OXM100 sensors from Baumer are part of a range designed to improve product quality and deliver lower production costs.

Key features include IO-Link and Modbus RTU along with powerful toolset benefits as featured in the existing OXM200 sensors ensuring a cost effective system for use in series machine manufacturing applications. They are immune to ambient light, simple to install and can be adjusted via the web interface. Measured values can be transferred quickly and easily from the sensor to the controller via the IO-Link interface.

Another feature of these sensors is a new “Profile Matcher” tool which means profile matches can be implemented and tolerance thresholds can be defined quickly with the measurement result converted into a switching signal which can be transmitted directly into the production process.

The sensor is also suitable for measuring more challenging materials such as plastics. It features a short wavelength blue laser light beam which reduces spatial noise and provides precise measurement results with a resolution of up to 3 µm and a measuring range of 25mm.

The new compact and lightweight all-in-one OXM100 sensors are designed for integration into image processing systems and thanks to their integral features and functions are able to support inline or offline testing without the need for operators to have detailed image processing experience.

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