Advanced Mobile Robots to use Lidar

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Boston Dynamics mobile robot gets improved perception and navigation with LiDAR

Velodyne Lidar will supply its lidar sensors to Boston Dynamics to provide perception and navigation capabilities for its highly mobile robots

Velodyne’s lidar sensors enable mobile robots to operate autonomously and safely, without human intervention. They provide real-time 3D perception data for localisation, mapping, object classification and object tracking. These power-efficient sensors support autonomous mobile robots in a wide range of challenging indoor and outdoor environmental conditions, including varying temperature, lighting and precipitation.

According to Laura Wrisley, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Velodyne Lidar, Boston Dynamics robots provide advanced mobility, dexterity and intelligence that enable automation in unfamiliar and unpredictable settings.

“Equipped with Velodyne’s lidar sensors, their robots can autonomously navigate complex environments. They can safely avoid obstacles and find the fastest route to perform vital tasks in environments from manufacturing plants and construction sites to distribution centres and warehouses.”

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