Compact on-site monitoring and diagnostics for hydraulics

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On-site monitoring and diagnostics instrument available in different configurations including CAN

The Parker Service Master Compact provides real-time monitoring and diagnostics for mobile equipment and industrial hydraulics applications.

With an IP65 housing an oil-resistant rubber protection, it is suitable for use in harsh environments encountered in industry sectors where hydraulics are used.

Parameters such as pressure, temperature and flow rate are displayed in real-time and the data can be recorded on keystroke or triggered by defined signals. This allows users working on system maintenance to easily identify issues, prior to potential downtime being triggered, or damage caused, thereby reducing maintenance costs too.

The device comes in three different versions, offering greater flexibility for a wide range of measuring applications. These configurations include a version for up to six Parker CAN sensors, a similar version with two additional auxiliary analogue sensors and a version for up to four Parker analogue sensors and two auxiliary sensors, all supported with automatic sensor recognition. It also includes SensoWin 7 analysis software, making it easy to upload measured data for documentation purposes.

Jutta Etzkorn, Product Manager at Parker Hannifin SensoControl says, “The device combines proven concepts with new technology and innovative ideas. With its compact design, user-friendly interface and flexible memory management, the instrument is an essential tool for maintenance professionals looking to optimise the performance and reliability of critical assets.”

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