Low latency, high bandwidth simulation

Dynisma simulation system provides high performance and low latency

Dynisma is exhibiting its low-latency and high-bandwidth Motion Generator systems for automotive simulator technology

Bringing a new approach to simulators, Dynisma Motion Generators (DMGs) have lowest latency and high bandwidth. These factors enable the production of driving simulators with a much tighter loop between the vehicle models and the drivers or riders.

On the automotive exhibition circuit, Commercial Manager at Dynisma, Gavin Farmer, is giving presentations exploring the role the key features of this technology play in dynamic driver in loop simulation, how simulator requirements for developing vehicle ride and NVH are specified and what this is enabling engineers to study and develop on the road.

This includes case studies on DMG-X, a six degrees-of-freedom (DOF) simulator with a bandwidth of over 100Hz in all DOFs. This reproduces the fine details that define a vehicle’s comfort, and connectivity with the driver, while enabling tuning of vehicle models to match a manufacturer’s brand requirements. It also has very low latency of 3-5ms, removing the need to acclimatise between simulator driving and real-world driving.

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