NPL supports net zero energy grid

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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is developing the next generation of measurement techniques to support the electricity grid in achieving net zero.

NPL is developing and testing inertia measurements methods required to underpin stability and control in the net zero grid, and is working with National Grid ESO (NGESO) to evaluate the accuracy of commercial inertia measurement systems.

To meet net zero objectives, unprecedented levels of intermittent renewable energy sources will need to be connected to the grid. For power system operators, one of the biggest challenges is the decline of grid inertia which needs to be effectively managed to ensure continued stability and reliability.

One associated issue, which could limit progress to net zero, is the interference and disturbances that can affect connected equipment. Net zero technology such as renewables, EVs, High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and energy storage require power convertors which inject disturbances into the power system. These disturbances can impact protection systems, grid assets and equipment, and domestic appliances.

Therefore, network operators need new measurement methods to identify and quantify the prevailing interference levels to manage them and maintain supply quality.

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