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The EAV2Cubed eCargo bike has undergone testing against EN15194

The EAV2Cubed eCargo bike has successfully passed tests against the EU and international safety standard EN15194

The EAV2Cubed from Oxfordshire-based zero-emissions vehicles manufacturer “Electric Assisted Vehicles” (EAV), is currently in production and being shipped to various clients both in the UK and internationally. With a capacity of 2 cubic meters and holding up to 150kg of cargo, it is claimed by EAV to be one of the most effective light commercial goods vehicles available on the market. Being emissions-free has allowed EAV to have already saved over 150,000 tonnes of CO2 to date for their customers, in comparison to a standard diesel van, just through the switch to the eCargo bike.

According to Adam Barmby, CEO and founder of EAV, the company comprehensively tests EAV models at its Upper Heyford facility on all aspects of safety, handling, usability and durability.

“The EU standard tests are benchmarks of the industry, so we submitted our EAV2Cubed for testing and worked with our motor supplier Heinzmann and the Hansecontrol testing facility in Hamburg Germany, to analyse the bike’s performance and test results. The test was a resounding success for both us and Heinzmann and confirms our legally approved status to operate throughout Europe,” he says.

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