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Microwave solid content sensors protect Paris waste water treatment plant

Parisian waste water treatment plant to receive microwave based solid waste measurement sensors to improve performance

Process engineering company Valmet is supplying 22 Total Solids Measurement Sensors to the Greater Paris Sanitation Authority’s (SIAAP) Seine Aval wastewater treatment plant in France. The sensors will be installed in the plant’s new primary decantation facility to accurately measure the total solid content of the sludge produced by lamellar settlers.

At the SIAAP plant, the existing static settlers are being replaced by more efficient and environmentally cleaner lamellar settlers, including a new pumping station and an additional pre-treatment stage. The goal of the new unit is to increase process performance and to reduce nuisance for the neighbourhood. The measurements will help the customer in daily process control to ensure the right sludge concentration for downstream process. In addition, they will bring energy savings and further environmental benefits.

According to Christian Guerry of Valmet, the company‚Äôs ‚ÄúTotal Solids Measurement‚ÄĚ product uses the latest microwave technology and is a reliable and accurate sensor already used in several wastewater applications.

The 22 measurement units are inline microwave solids measurement sensors, offering a real-time measurement to control and optimise the solids treatment process. They enable savings in polymer dosing, energy and transport. The sensor uses microwave technology to determine total organic and inorganic solid content in the range of 0-50 percent dryness.

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