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The avionics instrumentation test set will be used by Airbus

Tel-Instrument Electronics is providing an SDR-OMNI test instrumentation set to Airbus

Avionics test and measurement system provider, Tel-Instrument Electronics will provide the new “all-in-one” SDR-OMNI flight-line test set to be used by Airbus for their world-wide manufacturing operations.

Jeffrey O’Hara, Tel-Instrument’s President and CEO commented: “Airbus has spent the last year conducting an in-depth competitive analysis of our new SDR-OMNI test set. We are thrilled that they have now selected it for use in their global manufacturing operations.”

The instrument will replace several obsolete test sets currently in use. Airbus cited ease of use and test set speed as major factors in their decision. This validates the significant investment TIC has made in this test set, which has also been approved by Boeing.

“We are in the process of getting it added to their approved vendor list. We are also introducing a GPS simulator app for this test set which will be available this summer. This new multi-purpose test set will allow our customers to replace up to five single-purpose test sets which will generate significant savings in life cycle support and training costs,” concludes O’Hara.

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