Touch panel for harsh environments

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Touch screen with Aluminium frame has IP66 protection

A robust touch screen panel has been developed for use with instruments or other applications in harsh environments

The Fabro KNX operating and display panel combines a robust aluminium housing with a 7-inch real glass display. The 8 touch areas per display page are made extra large for easy operation. Each area can be used as a button or display. There are over 100 symbols to choose from, next to which a value or colour is displayed. Objects from 1 bit (switching) to 14 bytes (texts) can be transmitted. On 5 pages, the user thus has up to 40 input and output options. In the KNX application, logic gates, 8 calculators for data conversion and 8 alarm inputs are available. The display can show data such as room climate, weather or tank fill level and at the same time operate lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, irrigation or gates – even in individually combined scenes.

The screen is useable in areas with a high degree of contamination or strict hygiene requirements, such as production lines or workshops

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