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TORCH offers simultaneous testing of up to 384 sites

Astronics’ TORCH (Thermally-controlled Operational Reliability Chip Tester) is a fully automated, massively parallel test system

It simplifies reliability testing using accelerated thermal technology with the capability to simultaneously test up to 384 Devices Under Test (DUTs) with independent test profiles.

Ideal for testing high-power RF devices, such as Gallium Nitride (GaN), for telecom infrastructure and defence applications, TORCH streamlines test activities by eliminating the labour-intensive and time-consuming manual process currently used to validate semiconductor operational life. It supports various in-situ dwell test modes, including High-Temperature Operating Life (HTOL), Steady-State Life (SSL), Step Stress Testing (SST), and fully customisable profiles. The intuitive graphical user interface allows quick and easy creation of test profiles and offers convenient viewing and selection of a variety of data, tests and charts in one user-friendly dashboard.

“As technology continues to evolve and defence-related chip manufacturing expands in the USA and other countries, the need to ensure perfect performance of high-power RF devices is essential. TORCH is designed to validate that these devices can consistently operate as designed,” commented James Mulato, President, Astronics Test Systems.

TORCH is a fully-customisable system built on a foundation of modular instruments and has the capability of being scaled up over time. The system tests up to 384 individually-controlled sites (in up to four racks) using independent temperature control of each DUT from ambient to 200°C. Offering in-situ characterisation for unmatched, DUT-level granularity, TORCH delivers high-precision voltage and current SMU stimulus and measurements for device characterisation before and after dwell testing.

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