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Bob Cryan became the 141st President of the IET on the 1st October this year

The IET President is advocating a programme to inspire and mentor the next generation of engineers

To mark his inauguration as the new President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Professor Bob Cryan will use his year-long term of office to champion inspiring and mentoring the next generation of engineers to transform our world.

He wants to encourage and inspire the next generation by demonstrating how engineers are transforming our world, as well as shine a spotlight on the importance of mentorship and developing engineers as inclusive leaders.

According to Cryan, engineers hold the keys to the future of humanity and the IET has some of the best engineers in the world.

“We have some incredible programmes at the IET, from First Lego League and Faraday Challenge Days to our scholarships. These important initiatives to support the next generation all need funding and I hope to gain support throughout the year to continue this life-changing work,” he says.

During his term of office, he will also be driving forward positioning engineers as inclusive leaders, making use of their set of creative and analytical skills, intelligence, dependability and drive, to become outstanding leaders. Cryan is therefore encouraging IET members to invest in their leadership development.

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