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EngineeringUK plan seeks to grow the level of engineering apprenticeships

EngineeringUK has been involved in the launch of an ambitious apprenticeship plan

The 5-point plan released by the organisation is intended for growing and sustaining engineering and technology apprenticeships for young people.

Recognising the critical importance of engineering and technology for the UK and the sector’s growing workforce needs, the report is the culmination of a comprehensive inquiry into the worrying decline in apprenticeship starts seen in the sector over recent years.

Based on insights gathered from businesses, education providers and young people, the report contains 5 key policy recommendations for all political parties to consider. It calls on government, along with employers and providers, to work together as a matter of urgency, to rebalance and refocus apprenticeships to make them accessible for young people.

The five key areas of the plan include a rebalancing of education, providing support for young people during their apprenticeships, ensuring long-term funding and greater equity between vocational and academic routes, enabling more businesses to take an active role and encouraging employers to play their part.

Hilary Leevers, Chief Executive of EngineeringUK, comments, “For engineering and technology to thrive, we urgently need more people and more diversity in our workforce. Apprenticeships offer a fantastic route for young people into rewarding and purposeful engineering and tech jobs, so it’s vital that they are fit for purpose.”

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