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Flex Faraday Xtreme (FFX) flexible circuit uses Faraday cage to minimise electromagnetic interference

The Nortech flexible Faraday cage printed circuit board and cable provides increased data density for high speed transmission

Nortech Systems has successfully received a patent for a flexible printed circuit for transmitting high frequency signals while precisely controlling both crosstalk and impedance, minimising electromagnetic interference, improving parallel transmission alignment and increasing data density. This work on developing the “Flex Faraday Extreme” (FFX) is based on the important work of Michael Faraday in the 1830s that contributed to the current understanding of shielding effects of what we now call a Faraday Cage.

According to Jay Miller of Nortech, the FFX is designed to provide the signal integrity necessary to support sensitive, mission-critical applications.

Both the FFX and the recent Active Optical Xtreme product launch are early steps in the company’s long-term pivot toward serving strategic customers by building higher level assemblies that contain advanced technologies and solve difficult connectivity challenges.

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