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Monolith suggests engineers will benefit from the use of AI

Two-thirds of engineering team leaders are feeling pressure to adopt AI

A report commissioned by artificial intelligence (AI) software provider, Monolith, suggests that as many as two-thirds of engineering team leaders are feeling pressure to adopt AI as a route to increased revenue, profitability and competitiveness.

The study, “The State of AI in Engineering”, surveyed 163 senior engineering professionals at multinational automotive, aerospace and industrial/manufacturing enterprises in the USA and Europe.

Market trends around sustainability and digitalisation are creating increasingly more intractable physics problems that current validation and testing methods are unable to solve, according to Dr Richard Ahlfeld, CEO and founder of Monolith. “As data from this study shows, engineering leaders are at a fork in the road to innovate in new ways as pressure to stay profitable and competitive rises,” he says.

Engineers are feeling the pressure to introduce products to market faster and that many feel unequipped to effect change, with more than half (55%) of those surveyed stating that they lack the required tools, and that existing virtual validation and simulation tools are insufficient.

According to Ahlfeld, engineers can use AI to quickly understand and instantly predict complex physics, allowing them to test less, learn more and get to market much more quickly. He believes industry now needs to take the necessary steps to prepare itself for a data-driven future.

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