Improved data handling for ADAS testing

| Environmental Testing

Collaboration aims to provide seamless integration of test data across software verification and validation workflows for ADAS

National Instruments (NI) and Foretellix are collaborating on the provision of integrated systems to help engineers get high-quality autonomous driving systems to market faster through seamlessly integrating test data and tools across the software verification and validation workflow.

Automotive OEMs face the need to test a near infinite number of scenarios to ensure the safety and reliability of complex vehicles and the need for a holistic view across the software and hardware validation workflow is critical to efficiently identify which test scenarios are required across each phase of product development.

The collaboration brings together Foretellix’s platform, which delivers scenario generation, metrics, and analysis on the millions of driving scenarios across all testing platforms, with NI’s systems for hardware and software in the loop and ADAS data recording. Combined, these technologies will accelerate the verification and validation phases of the product development life cycle and drive efficient test coverage across the entire software workflow, including software and hardware in the loop and road test. This in turn enables the massive scale of test scenarios needed to get safe and reliable AVs on the road.

According to NI, safety continues to be one of the biggest hurdles on the path to autonomy and this approach to address the massive scale of test scenarios that vehicles may encounter, coupled with the use of big data analytics to drive test throughout the development lifecycle, makes this collaboration a viable route to getting safe and reliable AVs on the road more quickly.

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