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Multiple NEXIV systems can be controlled with the remote control SDK

Nikon releases the “NEXIV” CNC Video Measuring System model range for inline, automated dimensional measurement.

The NEXIV CNC video measurement system can automatically measure the dimensions of components using Nikon’s optical and image processing technology. By analysing the captured image and detecting feature edges with high speed, both accurately and repeatably, it is possible to quickly measure components with complex features.

With the demand for measuring smaller components with higher performance, and with the increase in the number of electronic components installed for automobiles, there is a need for video measuring systems to measure more components at higher speeds in the automated production line.

The NEXIV VMZ-S series has increased throughput, while maintaining and enhancing the performance of the previous model, the VMZ-R series. With the VMZ-S series, it is possible to select the most suitable machine according to customer’s applications and installation environment. In addition, by using remote control SDK software, multiple NEXIV systems can be integrated into the production line and systems can be operated remotely.

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