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The Moke marque continues to make its mark as the electric new Californian model

The Moke has been resuscitated as the latest beachwear for the younger climate conscious generation of California

Moke International is returning the Moke Californian to America after 40 years with the more powerful and highway-legal Electric Moke Californian, a zero-emissions version of the original 1964 Mini Moke.

Hand built in the United Kingdom and already on sale in Europe, the US market-specific Moke Californian is an electric zero-emission version of the same model that was sold in America and ceased production in 1982.

It has a top speed of 50mph (80kph) and when fully charged, it has a range of 80 miles (120km), enough to cruise Route 101 down to Malibu Beach from Santa Barbara. Using a 44hp electric motor and weighing less than 800kg, the rear-wheel-drive Electric Moke Californian covers 0-34mph (0-55kph) in 4.3 seconds and a full charge takes just four hours via a Type 1 port.

Moke International is the first 1960s brand to go fully electric, reinventing the model through zero-emissions technology to continue its legacy as a design icon and beloved beach accessory.

Originally created by Industrial Design giant, Sir Alec Issigonis, the Mini Moke was intended to be a lightweight military vehicle that could be parachuted into warzones and help troops traverse rough ground quickly. Marketed domestically as a utility vehicles for farmers, it quickly found legions of fans across the globe, especially in the South of France and Australia, where it was considered the ultimate beach shuttle, often seen loaded up with surfboards and refreshments.

Later, as the Californian, it became popular with a young, fashion-conscious crowd in the USA. Now, it’s predicted to have continuing popularity amongst the sun-lovers of the Californian coast where they can enjoy the same qualities as the original Moke whilst keeping some of the world’s most beautiful locations clean through zero-emissions technology.

Isobel Dando, CEO MOKE International, comments: “This is a momentous time for Moke International. It’s great to be able to offer the US market a genuine Moke car for the first time in 40 years. The original Moke Californian represented an incredibly important chapter in the company’s rich history and we are proud that the MOKE lives on and can be enjoyed in the electric era.”

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