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New connectors suitable for board-to-module RF interconnections

The Gigalane is a cost-effective and reliable 2nd generation GBB connector for connecting RF modules to boards

Available in the UK from Powell Electronics, the 2nd generation GBB board to board connectors from Gigalane benefit from a weight reduction of 25% thanks to a new material and manufacturing method and offer an excellent mechanical and electric performance.

The main target applications are board-to-board and board-to-module RF interconnections. The technical details of the 2nd generation GBB connectors include a frequency from DC up to 8.5 GHz, impedance of 50 Ω, insulation resistance of 5000 MΩ and a dielectric withstand voltage of 1,000 Vrms. VSWR is 1.20:1 at 3.0 GHz, 1.25:1 at 6.0 GHz and 1.30:1 at 8.5 GHz.

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