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New battery test facility includes climatic chambers for longevity testing

In response to the rising demand for battery testing, a UK electric powertrain specialist is expanding its battery testing expertise in Warwick for faster and more accurate powertrain insights in the UK.

The current trend for high-performance and innovative batteries in the automotive industry is posing significant challenges for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), who are facing an ever-expanding array of battery types, a challenge that requires substantial investments in testing capacities and technologies.

One strategy to overcome this involves forging partnerships with reliable testing providers. Rapid and comprehensive testing procedures at the cell, module, and pack levels are imperative to keeping pace with the swift evolution of the industry and shortening the time-to-market of batteries.

With its headquarters in Nuertingen, hofer powertrain has a number of locations in Europe and its now offering its battery testing services in Warwick to provide additional testing capacity within the UK automotive industry.

The Warwick facility is equipped with numerous climatic chambers for comprehensive cell, module and pack testing to ensure the performance and reliability of the batteries being examined. They simulate varying environmental conditions and include a specialist battery cycler, which facilitates lifetime tests under real-life conditions, determining battery capacity.

A Keysight SL1007A Scienlab Battery Test System enables teams to study the battery’s internal resistances, offering insights into aging behaviours and providing information on strategies to prolong their longevity. The portfolio also includes advanced swelling performance tests, highlighting the importance of understanding the battery lifespan to ensure sturdy battery products.

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