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Tyvek medical packaging products are capable of being sterilised

Cleanroom Film and Bags (CFB) is now able to provide customised Tyvek packaging that can be sterilised for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other cleanroom industries.

The CFB sterilisable packaging made with Tyvek material provides a robust microbial barrier, excellent puncture resistance, and exceptional tear strength, making it ideal for use in the pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic instruments industries.

The packaging meets the highest levels of sterilisation standards and is compatible with gamma, plasma, autoclave, EtO and steam sterilisation methods, and is available in a range of formats including peelable pouches and header bags.

This quality is matched to the company’s proprietary manufacturing process, which allows for a high degree of customisation to meet the specific requirements of each application. CFB currently supplies manufacturers of wound care products, implants, inhalers, surgical devices and medical instruments with its customised Tyvek packaging.

Praising the new material and process, Michael Hoffman of the company says, “This capability allows us to fulfil the ever-increasing demand for Tyvek sterilisable packaging.”

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