4mm safety sockets for testing and measuring

| Manufacturing

The socket range is fully compatible with test instrumentation available from Stäubli

Stäubli Electrical Connectors to supplement its 4 mm safety socket portfolio with new panel-mount sockets

A new range of panel-mount sockets with a unique profile will supplement the existing assortment of measuring products on offer from Stäubli Electrical Connectors. If a user decides to fit a socket by punching out a hole instead of using a round head drill bit, a double D type thread will act as an anti-twist safeguard, thus simplifying the process. A standard round hole with current dimensions can also still be used as normal.

Orange has been made available as an additional standard colour for use within the e-mobility industry. The new sockets are 100% compatible with the current range of Stäubli products.

A new and improved material is now also being used for Stäubli sockets and will bear the UL classification V0 as opposed to the HB-rated material used to date. Fitting sockets made of V0 classified materials will also make the UL certification process easier for the whole device. A new selection of sockets with shorter contact pins has also been made available for use with measuring devices where installation space is limited. These sockets do not have an additional solder hole at the end of the contact, and are 5.5 mm shorter than current models.

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