Defence supplier gains early access to electronic innovation

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Electronic innovation provides BAE Systems with technological edge for defence

BAE Systems enters agreement with Intel to gain access to developing innovations in electronics for use in defence applications.

The agreement will enable BAE Systems to develop and more quickly field next-generation applications based on Intel’s most advanced technology.

While commercial off-the-shelf semiconductor technology has increasingly been incorporated into defence applications, military-grade technology requires custom developed capabilities that go beyond what is commercially available. To date, this development lag of customising commercial technology has resulted in significant time gaps between chip-level technology and defence applications being fielded.

According to Intel’s Frank Ferrante, the company already has an existing relationship with BAE Systems and will continue to work with them under the new agreement to protect national security, critical infrastructure and vital information.

According to Chris Rappa of BAE Systems, early access to Intel’s developing technology can speed the timetable of producing defence applications and maintain the military’s technological edge.

“Closing the development gap, potentially by years in some cases, will deliver a critical advantage,” he concludes.

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