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EMC test chambers able to accommodate devices of up to 20 tonnes

Test laboratory in Bavaria designed for EMC and radio measurements and testing has taken state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment from Rohde & Schwarz

German testing, inspection and certification company, CSA Group is expanding its testing capabilities with new labs enabling a wide variety of product tests even of very large devices weighing up to 20 tonnes. To achieve this, the company is employing T&M and amplifier equipment from EMC specialist, Rohde & Schwarz. Services at the lab will cover electrical and functional safety, EMC, radio & energy efficiency as well as environmental testing.

EMC and radio test chambers

The lab includes two test chambers for EMC and radio measurements. The larger of these chambers will allow testing very large devices of up to 4.2m in width and 4.8m in height, with an 8m turntable supporting loads up to 20 tonnes.

The EMC test systems incorporating R&S test, measurement and amplifier equipment, support all common civil, military, automotive and aviation standards, and all ETSI and FCC standards governing electromagnetic interference and audio breakthrough measurements.

Electromagnetic susceptibility measurements in both chambers are conducted using R&S SMB100B RF signal generators, which offer excellent spectral purity, very high output power and a large scope of functions. They are complemented by R&S BBA150 broadband amplifiers, designed for high availability and counting among the most advanced products on the market, and R&S NRP6AN power sensors, specifically designed for EMC measurements.

Test & Measurement Equipment

To measure electromagnetic interference, Rohde & Schwarz supplies the most powerful EMI test receivers on the market. The R&S ESW for certification measurements comes with excellent RF characteristics and fast test times. It offers ultrafast FFT based time domain scans and real-time spectrum analysis, enabling detailed investigation of electromagnetic interference. The T&M equipment also includes artificial mains networks and antennas.

Rohde & Schwarz set up its test systems in the new facilities in Plattling, Bavaria and commissioned the systems last autumn. “We are proud to furnish the test centre of a certification organisation as renowned as CSA Group with our T&M equipment. We are providing CSA Group with state-of-the-art EMC T&M equipment that supports all common standards worldwide. Particularly when many different tests need to be performed on a DUT (Device Under Test), this can save considerable time and cost”, says Matthias Keller, Product Manager for EMC test equipment at Rohde & Schwarz in Munich.

According to Dieter Fröhlich, Managing Director of CSA Group in Bavaria, CSA Group′s new European headquarters will house one of the largest EMC labs in Europe and they will provide a comprehensive approach to testing and certification for its customers, offering direct access to electronic experts and state-of-the-art T&M equipment.

“With a strong global reputation and decades of experience in the field of EMC measurements, Rohde & Schwarz was selected to supply the T&M equipment for our 10m and 3m EMC test chambers because not only does the company provide the right solutions for our unique testing requirements, the close proximity to its Munich headquarters also offers convenience for future maintenance,” he concludes

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