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Waterless robotic solar panel cleaner can traverse up to 2km of solar panels

Waterless sweeping system for solar farms cleans up with environment and energy award

The Ecoppia H4 robotic cleaning system for solar panel arrays installed at energy generation companies has won the “Top Product of the Year Award” in the Environment + Energy Awards.

The autonomous H4 robotic cleaning system addresses scalability and remote management for large scale solar PV sites and its popularity stems from its waterless technology and the fact that it can be used easily on a daily basis to prevent dirt from accumulating on the panels.

The H4 uses patented helix technology, which introduces a spiral vector into the rotating car-wash style cleaning heads. This axial movement prevents heavy dust accumulation by moving dust particles downwards, pushing them off the module surface, while also protecting the modules’ anti-reflective coating.

Other features include adaptable bidirectional cleaning, a “super duster” mode and extended coverage of up to 2KM, which all strengthen the H4’s ability to offer fast and effective daily cleaning with panel safety and durability kept in mind.

Once the cleaning system is installed, solar energy producing site managers can set up the cleaning schedule and let the H4 get on with it. The makers say it is autonomous, smart and waterless.

The H4 is also able to withstand the punishing environments of solar farms with high levels of resistance to winds, dirt and UV radiation. Its self-cleaning capabilities also ensure that the micro-fibres of the brushes remain dirt free for effective cleaning and its own solar panels for providing its energy and charging its batteries remain clean and ready for use. These factors ensure the device requires low levels of day-to-day care and has high levels of operational availability.

According to Ecoppia, it can be operated safely and reliably and has innovative features to cater to solar site owners’ daily challenges. Not only does the H4 optimise energy production and lower operational costs, but its waterless cleaning capabilities support sustainability practices in solar production by eliminating water consumption.

“We’re thrilled to be recognised for our smart and autonomous solar PV cleaning system for our ability to optimise operations and maintenance for energy companies,” says Jean Scemama, Ecoppia’s CEO.

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