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Tyre pressure monitoring sensor now connects over Bluetooth

New Tyre Pressure Monitoring System uses low energy Bluetooth communications

Sensata has developed a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) for vehicle manufacturers to help improve vehicle safety and performance. Interest in BLE TPMS is on the rise as vehicles become more connected, electrified and autonomous. While common in consumer applications like speakers and headphones, BLE is relatively new to vehicle OEMs and is enabled by newer vehicle system architectures that can support BLE functionality.

Sensata’s TPMS use its established pressure monitoring sensors whilst replacing the ultra high frequency (UHF) radio with BLE radio to enable two-way communication. These are available in both clamp-in and snap-in configurations, are optimised for long battery life and deliver the same pressure, temperature and auto-location capabilities as Sensata’s existing UHF TPMS products.

The technology can enhance advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) and augment remote diagnostics support. With Over-the-Air updates, drivers can download new tyre-related features and software updates, enhancing their driving experience and avoiding unnecessary service visits. The two-way communication also enables cyber security authentication, which is not possible with traditional one-way UHF, and adds a layer of protection.

“BLE TPMS is a progression from the TPMS systems currently available and opens the door to generating new data and insights that can improve vehicle safety, performance and the overall user experience.” says Eric Sorret, Vice President of Automotive at Sensata Technologies.

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