Multi-Channel Remote Temperature Sensors

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Microchip Technology has launched the MCP998x family of automotive-grade multi-channel remote temperature sensors.

The range is designed for 1°C accuracy at a wide operational temperature range and includes five sensors with shutdown temperature setpoints that are designed not to be overwritten by software or maliciously disabled.

With up to five channels of monitoring and several alert and shutdown options for security, this product family can support systems that supervise more than one thermal element. The remote sensors also integrate resistance error correction and beta compensation, eliminating the need for additional configuration for improved accuracy. Using a single, integrated temperature sensor reduces board complexity and size and simplifies design for a lowered bill of material (BOM).

Designed for 2.5°C accuracy up to 125°C, the MCP998x device family can be used at the high end of the traditional temperature range where many other sensors are challenged. This high temperature tolerance makes them well-suited for automotive applications where operating temperatures for electronics is a major factor.

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