Multipurpose Membrane Filtration System

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Multi-purpose membrane filtration system serve multiple applications

Alfa Laval has launched a new filtration system, the latest development in its lab and plant equipment range

As a new cross-flow skid-mounted membrane filtration system that can be seamlessly connected to both up and downstream operations, the MultiSystem increases flexibility across a range of process applications. This includes the purification of proteins, sugar and starch, concentration of peptides and amino acid streams and recovery of water from condensates in pharmaceuticals and food processing.

Ian Forrester of Alfa Laval explains that until recently, membrane filtration systems would be designed specifically for the needs of each operation, which can prove not only costly, but time-consuming and difficult to integrate into the wider process.

“For this reason, we developed our new MultiSystem as a standardised offering across the pharmaceutical and food technology spectrum meaning businesses of all shapes and sizes are now able to benefit from membrane filtration technology,” says Forrester.

As the largest of the lab and plant equipment range, the MultiSystem has a test processing capacity from 100l/h to 6m­³/h, and testing volume ranging from 500l/h up to several m³.

Crucially, the MultiSystem can test all filtration processes, including microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis in batch, semi-batch and continuous modes. Diafiltration mode is also available as standard.

The module is also compatible with Alfa Laval’s entire range of 8.0” spiral membranes, which can be quickly and easily interchanged, and features a PLC-based control system also enables automatic control of production sequences. This includes flow, VCF (volumetric concentration factor), temperature, tank level, pressure and diafiltration volume or ratio control.

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