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Kia’s electric SUV, the EV9 is undergoing final proving ground testing

Electric EV9 crossover from Kia takes part in durability and track testing before its scheduled launch in 2023

Kia is performing its final intensive testing programme on the Kia EV9 ahead of the electric EV9 SUV’s world debut next year. The car is expected to establish the Korean car manufacturer’s position in the world of sustainable electric mobility.

Developed over a period of 44 months with emphasis on performance, range, driving dynamics and technology, the EV9 is currently being pushed to the limits of durability at Kia’s global Namyang R&D centre in Korea.

During this testing phase, the EV9 is being subjected to a gruelling verification process. Testing on a 4WD climbing hill and rough terrain tracks, as well as deep-water wading, will verify its reliability in the most challenging conditions. Kia’s high-speed, handling, and low-friction tracks place every element of the EV9’s performance and roadholding under the strictest scrutiny. At the same time, ‘Belgian pavé’ cobbled road surfaces enable Kia’s engineers to subject the EV9’s ride comfort and build quality to the harshest possible trials. In addition to the test programme at Namyang R&D centre, the EV9 has also been subjected to a punishing testing regime in proving grounds and test houses throughout the world.

The Kia EV9 was developed on the company’s advanced Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) and represents a new era for the company in terms of high-technology, sustainable mobility, Kia says.

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