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New high-bandwidth oscilloscope probes operate at more than 50 GHz

Keysight Technologies has introduced the InfiniiMax 4 Series high-bandwidth oscilloscope probes

The new probes expand the portfolio of high-frequency probes to cover bandwidths up to 52 GHz. Having a high-impedance probe head operating at more than 50 GHz, the InfiniiMax 4 series provides designers with a probing method for high-speed digital, semiconductor and wafer applications.

As devices get smaller and faster, accurately probing signals becomes significantly more complex. The high-density integration and rapid signal speeds require advanced probing that can maintain accuracy and minimise interference in such compact and fast-paced environments.

The Keysight InfiniiMax 4 Series probes enable high-impedance probing for system verification without loading the device under test (DUT) that accelerates high-speed digital design, validation and testing.

It operates at up to 52 GHz Brickwall and 40 GHz Bessel-Thomson for PCIe 6.0 / 7.0, DDR5 / DDR6, MIPI Gear 5 / 6, and 802.3CK. It also saves time and minimises errors due to its high-impedance probe head and a modular design featuring an amp with multiple access points that bypasses the need for custom evaluation boards or interposers.

It has an innovative RCRC design with a flexible PCA probe head that uses the natural flexibility of the PCA to take the strain off the delicate tip wires. The removable flex PCA tips allow the most delicate portion of the tip to be removed and replaced.

According to Robert Saponas, Vice President, Keysight Digital Photonics Centre of Excellence, the introduction of the InfiniiMax 4 enhances the future of probing with unmatched bandwidth and an unparalleled turn-key probing system.

“The InfiniiMax 4 probes provide the precision, adaptability and efficiency required to meet the demanding needs of current and future high speed digital applications, ensuring that engineers and developers can keep pace with the rapid advancements in technology.”

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