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Cardiff Racing competed in the 2019 Silverstone Sprint event

MAHLE Powertrain is providing industry heavyweight sponsorship to Cardiff Racing and University of Nottingham Racing Team

Based at the world-famous Silverstone circuit and now in its 25th year, the competition encourages young people to develop a career in engineering by creating opportunities to learn and demonstrate key skills within an exciting motorsport environment. Teams are tasked with producing a prototype single-seat racing car that must comply with challenging targets, both physical and commercial, before being subjected to a rigorous testing regime. This year, MAHLE Powertrain will sponsor former winners Cardiff Racing and the University of Nottingham Racing Team.

“We’re delighted to be sponsoring two outstanding teams from Cardiff University and the University of Nottingham – a commitment we’ve made for the next two years – and we look forward to supporting them in their efforts as they develop their cars, each with its own innovative strategy,” said John Hollingworth, Sales and Marketing Director at MAHLE Powertrain.

The Cardiff team will develop both electric and internal combustion racing cars for 2023/24, which will see them deploy an in-house designed 600V battery pack as well as the innovative MAHLE Jet Ignition pre-chamber ignition technology.

The University of Nottingham team have been competing in the EV category since 2018, finishing first in 2021 and claiming the award for Best EV in 2022. Their new car for 2023 will feature a bespoke 15Ah battery pack with a novel active air cooling system and custom silicon carbide-based motor drivers.

Both teams will benefit from access to MAHLE Powertrain’s state-of-the-art facilities including chassis dynos and full engine test rigs, backed up by experienced engineer support.

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