Enhanced short circuit testing for EV charging

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Short circuit testing equipment keep EV charging technology safe

New HE relays from Panasonic exceed IEC62955 10kA and 3kA tests and feature enhanced EV charging short circuit testing

Panasonic has launched its latest relay, the HE-R, which has undergone enhanced short circuit testing to deliver a reliable and safe method for customers in the EV charging industry.

The HE-R relay’s rigorous testing includes IEC62955, a 10kA short circuit test. This means that chargers can now specify their 22kW wallbox for up to 32A @ 10kA short circuit current, providing a high level of protection for EV charging equipment.

In addition, the smaller HE-S relay now conforms to the IEC62955 standard for 3kA short circuits. This feature allows customers to use the HE-S series for wallboxes rated at up to 16A, offering greater flexibility in the selection of charging equipment for a wide range of applications.

“With the official VDE extensions of the HE-R and HE-S relays, we are able to offer an enhanced short circuit testing system,” says Bernd Jaschinski, Product Manager at Panasonic Industry. “The EV charging industry requires reliable and safe components, and both HE-R and HE-S relays meet these requirements delivering a high level of protection and flexibility.”

According to Panasonic, with its advanced features and reliable performance, the HE series is set to become a key component in the next generation of EV charging equipment.

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