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High performance refrigerant available for climatic test chambers

New refrigerant characteristics enable a reduction in chamber power consumption and energy requirements

Espec has released a new Refrigerant (R-473A) for its range of environmental test chambers. This new refrigerant can be ordered as an option to replace R23 and R-508A. R-473A is an environmentally friendly low GWP refrigerant that has cleared regulations globally. Its characteristics make it possible to reduce both power consumption and the amount of refrigerant required.

R-473A is designed to achieve high performance in ultra-low temperature cooling applications. Effective to -75°C it has a refrigeration capacity 15% higher than R-23 delivering energy savings and sustained performance. With a GWP of 1830 the new gas is 88% lower than R-23 and offers no ozone-depleting potential.

By combining Espec’s technology with the highly efficient refrigerant, power consumption during product usage can be significantly reduced as well as CO2 emissions lowered.

Currently available on the Bench top temperature & Humidity chambers, constant climate chambers, Platinous J series, environmental stress chambers and walk in temperature chambers, it will also soon be rolled out across the remaining cabinets.

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