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Benchtop environmental testing can now be performed in transparent vessels

Transparent pressure vessel manufacturer, SR-TEK, has developed and produced a new test and development chamber

Just under half of the world’s transparent pressure vessels are now used for R&D, with UK-based manufacturer SR-TEK supplying major organisations including Apple and Boston Scientific.

In response to increasing demand, the company has now created a specially designed test and development chamber. Specifically designed to meet the needs of product and component testing, scientific experimentation, and research and development, the new S Series Test Vessels are fully customisable and able to replicate conditions in a whole series of real-world environments.

With a maximum working pressure of 4 bar (60 psi), a temperature range of between 4˚C and 90 ˚C, a huge 4.5 litre capacity, with the ability to add agitation, the S Series vessels are one of the toughest and most versatile test chambers available to researchers.

According to SR-TEK founder, Loris Medart, the vessel is built to withstand and exert extreme temperatures and pressures, with the added option of creating a perfect vacuum and have therefore quickly become an ideal tool to enhance the laboratory for benchtop testing purposes.

“With these latest advances, we’ve ensured that R&D teams are able to quickly and effectively test and develop products as diverse as ammunition, helicopter parts, environmental technologies and electronics,” he says.

The S Series is made from stainless steel 303 (316 available on request), acrylic or toughened glass, with a fully configurable lid and base plate and can be fitted with detection, monitoring and agitation facilities.

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