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E-Field probes have been added to ATEC calibration service capabilities

Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC) has had its ISO 17025 accreditation renewed.

The international standard certifies testing and calibration laboratories as competent operators that generate valid results. This certification requires that laboratories meet rigorous requirements for quality management and technical competency.

In addition to maintaining its existing certification, ATEC has also expanded its scope of accreditation to include the ability to calibrate both electric field (E-Field) Probes and RF Signal Generators up to 50 GHz.

An E-field probe is a spherical sensor mounted at the end of a long wand and is used to detect unsafe levels of Radio Frequency emissions. This provides the user with data relating to the electric field in an area. These devices are also used in anechoic chambers and OATS (Open Area Test Site) locations as well as other unique applications such as monitoring emissions of aerospace and military systems.

According to ATEC, the device generally consists of a dipole antenna, a readout device, RF detector and a non-perturbing transmission line. It has the ability to monitor voltage levels up to 1,000 V/m in frequencies as low as 5 kHz up to 60 GHz.

With the newly added capabilities, ATEC can provide calibration services to a wider range of electronic testing and measurement equipment used in demanding applications.

“With the addition of E-Field Probes to our A2LA Scope of Accreditation, our customers will benefit from quicker turnaround times and quality calibration,” said Jamison Berg of ATEC

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